The Benefits of a Termite Inspection

November 26, 2021

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The Benefits of a Termite Inspection

November 26, 2021

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Termites will use any available entrance to enter your home and can damage your foundation, woodwork, and landscaping. While pressure-treated wood is the preferred exterior material for homes, older wood may still be vulnerable. A termite inspection can pinpoint the exact location of the entrance so that you can make the appropriate repairs. Getting an inspection will also give you an idea of the condition of your home’s siding and windows. Inspecting these areas will ensure that your house is not a tempting target for ants.

The termite inspector will check all areas of the structure and substructure for signs of termites. While the inspector will only check the exterior of a home, they will also check every interior room and the attic. Besides providing you with a certification of their findings, they will also make recommendations on further treatments if they discover any wood-destroying pests. If you suspect a problem, you can contact a licensed professional who will be able to recommend the best methods of treatment for your home.

The inspector will search for dry wood termites, powder post beetles, and other wood-destroying organisms. They will also look for mud tubes and other types of signs of infestation. They will also check out wood-to-soil contact. The inspection will cover several areas of your home, including your kitchen, garage, and attic. If you suspect a termite infestation, take action before the problem gets worse.

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