Tips for Preventing Termites

April 25, 2014

Tips for Preventing Termites

April 25, 2014

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Termites are among the most destructive forces of nature on homes in the United States, with billions of dollars being spent annually on termite prevention and treatment – not to mention the exorbitant amount spent on home repair as a result of their devastation. Given that the family home is generally one’s largest financial investment, taking a strong stance on termite control proves to be very cost effective in the long run. By implementing some practical, inexpensive measures for preventing termites in and around wood structures on your property, the risk of termite damage and costly repairs can be greatly reduced.

Unlike other insects, termites are not pests that can be effectively treated by a layperson or homeowner alone. Proper professional termite prevention is essential to a home, as these insects aren’t simply an annoyance like ants or flies, but can be profoundly harmful to the very structure and core of a house. A licensed pest control specialist with specific knowledge about preventing termites is always recommended to determine the size and type of termite infestation and the best course of action to take for termite control.

Termites eat through wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the good news is that in alliance with a trained termite prevention professional, these destructive pests can be brought under control. To help prevent termite infestation homeowners can take some simple steps. Termites thrive in moisture so it’s important to divert water away from a house’s foundation with gutters and downspouts. Ventilation should be installed to keep humidity low in crawl spaces. Hedges and other plants should be trimmed and kept away from vents. Old tree trunks and tree roots also attract termites and should be removed from areas close to the house. However, the most important thing a homeowner can do when it comes to preventing termites is to have their home routinely inspected for signs of termites by a qualified professional. For more tips on preventing termites in your home or to schedule a FREE inspection from the specialists at ACTION Termite Control, call (877) 556-4131 today.

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