What is Termite Control?

July 8, 2022

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What is Termite Control?

July 8, 2022

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Termites are the silent destroyers of many structures and buildings. Termites are eusocial insects in the infraorder Isoptera and epifamily Termitoidae. Their natural enemies include wood and paper, but their primary threat is the destruction they cause to buildings. Termite pest control is the best way to protect your property from these pesky insects. But what is termite control?

Termites are not a threat to human health

Termites aren’t known to carry disease, but they can cause allergies. While termites don’t bite, they can leave behind poop and droppings that can cause allergic reactions and contact dermatitis. Allergic reactions are limited to certain parts of the skin and have definite boundaries. People who are allergic to termites’ saliva and droppings may develop dermatitis, or rashes, as a result.

There is a widespread misconception that termites are dangerous to human health. Although termites are very destructive to homes, they don’t cause any serious harm. Unlike mosquitoes, termites don’t feed on people. Although they may sting and bite, they don’t carry diseases. In addition to causing an infection, they may cause sleeplessness, nausea, or fever. However, this myth is unfounded.

They are not a threat to human health

While termites do not directly pose a threat to human health, they can cause allergic reactions in some people. The spores that they produce can be ingested, causing breathing problems and skin rashes in people who are allergic. Additionally, termites’ droppings can cause allergic reactions in people who have weak immune systems. Termite infestations may also cause Aspergillosis, a potentially fatal fungus.

Although termites are destructive, they are not dangerous to humans. They are not venomous and cannot spread disease to humans. However, they do cause structural damage to a home. If you live in an infested house, you may have to hire professionals to fix it. However, termite infestations do not pose a health risk to humans, but they can be disturbing to people who are allergic to wood dust.

They are a silent destroyer

Termites are a kind of pest that wreak havoc on buildings and wooden structures. These tiny creatures live in underground colonies and create protective tunnels to travel to a new location. Once inside a structure, termites begin their slow, silent munching on the wood. Because termites need moisture to survive, they often go unnoticed. Termites are a silent destroyer, so they are not easily detected unless they have caused significant damage.

Termites are very destructive and cause millions of dollars in damage each year. They love cellulose-based plant substances, and almost any human home has some cellulose-based materials. While termites are small, they are capable of destroying any type of structure. Their workers are pale and soft, and their kings grow to about one inch in length. Their wings are long and slender, which is another indication of their size.

Termite pest control is the best defense against termites

Using a chemical insecticide to kill termites is a common way to prevent infestations. Termiticides, also known as insecticides, are a form of pest control that prevents the emergence of termites by killing the insects and their larvae. Fipronil is a broad spectrum insecticide that has been proven to be effective in controlling and eradicating termites.

A chemical spray or a bait system can be used to eradicate termite colonies. However, chemical sprays and bait systems should only be used when the infestation has been identified as drywood termites. A professional termite control service should be sought in these cases. Termite pest control is not for everyone, and the best option is to have your home professionally treated. However, if you are not experienced with the application of chemicals, a termite control service can help.

If you need termite pest control in the Phoenix, AZ metro area contact ACTION Termite & Pest Control for help.

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