Why Spiders Invade Phoenix Homes And How To Keep Them Out

October 5, 2022

Why Spiders Invade Phoenix Homes And How To Keep Them Out

October 5, 2022

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Spiders have a rather negative reputation. They are known for making surprise appearances and sticky webs that are a nightmare to step into. That’s just the beginning. Many people think of their peculiar body types, with a host of eyes and long bowed legs. If you don’t want to see these bugs, pest control in Phoenix is the answer. 

Features vary with different kinds of spiders, but pointy fangs and venom are across the board. It’s a big problem too. The worst-case scenario can be severe illness or death, depending on the species you encounter. Learn why these arachnids show up and how you can stop their infiltrations with ACTION Termite & Pest Control’s home defense for spiders.

Characteristics Of Common Spiders

Common house spiders and black widows are two species that are seen somewhat frequently in the city. The former is about 1/6 to 1/4 of an inch long; females are the larger ones. While their bellies are white, their bodies are mostly yellow-brown. Temporary pain, inflammation, and swelling occur with their bites. Worsening symptoms, lesions, and/or headaches mean you need to go to the hospital. 

Black widows have silky dark skin. A red hourglass-like mark is on the abdomens of females. Concerning size, the critters are 1/8  to half of an inch long. Immediately seek medical assistance in the event of a bite. Your nervous system could fail with exposure to the neurotoxins in their venom. Nausea, increased blood pressure, and tremors are crucial signals.  

Although there are different kinds of spiders, they tend to enter human dwellings the same way and prefer similar interior conditions. After creeping through holes in windows, doors, flooring, and walls, they’ll gather and rest in:

  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Closets
  • Attics
  • Fixtures
  • Basements
  • Garages

Part of the reason some spiders make webs is that they’re useful for reproduction and feeding. Generally, these bugs can make several sacs and encased eggs. Insects, reptiles, rodents, and other pests satisfy them when they’re hungry when the prey gets stuck in spider nets.  

What It Means If You’re Seeing A Lot Of Spiders In Your Home

Pests may be crawling free in your residence if spiders surface seemingly out of nowhere. In addition, they’ve migrated from another nesting place.  

Five Natural Ways To Prevent Spiders In Your Home

These five basic actions can reduce the likelihood of a spider invasion:

  1. Get Tidy: Remove clutter, vacuum carpeting, and sweep floors often. Thoroughly clean your kitchen; don’t forget to wash dishes and take out the trash. Use secure canisters for food and garbage storage. Brush away cobwebs and spider eggs. 
  2. Scan Things: Look over plants, wood, and storage items, before bringing them indoors. 
  3. Yard Upkeep: Push wood and plants two feet away from the property, mow the lawn, and trim greenery regularly.
  4. Fix Things: Add door sweeps and window screens—seal cracks in foundations. 
  5. Cool It Off: Turn on a dehumidifier to regulate warmth. 

These tasks can positively impact preventing spiders in your home, but professional pest control remains the best option for ensuring they are gone for good. 

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

Don’t try to eliminate spiders on your own. “Do it yourself” tricks and commercial pesticides are very pricey. The money you spend on D.I.Y. methods will be wasted because these options aren’t appropriate for infestations. However, they can be concentrated enough to be chemically harsh. ACTION Termite & Pest Control’s home defense for spiders consists of industrial-grade treatments that are safe for vegetation, domestic animals, and humans. Our plans are affordable and comprehensive. Reach out to us today to get started! Don’t give these bugs a chance to harm you! 

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