3 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe From Insects In Phoenix AZ

February 11, 2021

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3 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe From Insects In Phoenix AZ

February 11, 2021

In Phoenix, Arizona, stinging insects and venomous spiders are a fact of life. If you live in the Phoenix area, then you know it’s not uncommon to find a black widow or scorpion in or around your house. While you understand the dangers associated with these household pests, your pet dog or cat may not. If your pet gets bitten or stung by a spider or scorpion, there could be serious and immediate side effects.

You can keep your furry friends safe by following these tips:

Monitor Pet Food and Water Daily

Your pet’s water dish is a resource for all kinds of wildlife including scorpions, spiders, wasps and centipedes. Water dispensers are a good way to keep water fresh and safe from harmful insects. If your pet will only drink from a bowl, then check it daily to ensure there are no unwanted pests in the drinking water. Clean up any remaining wet dog or cat food and monitor the dry food bowl regularly. Keep the area free from spilled water and pet food debris.

Shake Out The Bedding

Most pets have a favorite spot for sleeping or they may even have a pet bed. Your beloved dog or cat may spend time on the sofa or your bed. Wherever your animal spends its time, make sure to wash the bedding regularly to avoid any surprises like insects carried in on their fur.

Remove Attractive Nuisances

Cats love to climb and dogs enjoy investigating almost everything including wood piles, compost and debris. Check your yard for areas that could hide toxic pests and remove them. If you store boxes in the basement or attic, it’s best to keep your pet from exploring them.

The best way to keep your pet cat or dog safe from bites and stings if they haven’t had dog training is to contact a pest removal professional for a pest inspection today.

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