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3 Myths About Termites That Phoenix Residents Believe

January 29, 2010

In Arizona, termites swarm during monsoon season, causing millions of dollars in property damage and wreaking havoc on homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Phoenix area have misconceptions about these pests, and some of those misconceptions can make the problem much worse. Here’s a look at a few of the most common termite myths and how termite control in Phoenix is beneficial.

Myth: It’s Impossible To Miss The Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Don’t expect to see swarms of winged termites covering every corner of your home. For most Arizonans, the signs of an infestation are much more subtle. Look for piles of shed wings, damaged wood, small holes in drywall, and droppings near your home’s foundation. Winged termites are a clear sign that you’ve got a colony nearby.

Myth: My House Has Termites Because My Neighbors Have Termites

Typical termite colonies contain anywhere from 60,000 to 1 million insects, and some nests can spread over a 100-meter radius. If your neighbor has an infestation, you should get your property checked, but don’t assume that your neighbor’s infestation spread to your home — the nest might be significantly larger than you’ve assumed.

Myth: Arizona Homes Aren’t At Risk For Termite Infestation

Like other detritivores, termites aren’t picky eaters. They prefer wood, but they’ll also eat drywall, paper, and even some plastics. The insects can also tunnel through concrete foundations in order to reach edible materials.

Termite problems are common in stucco homes, so Arizona properties are certainly prone to infestation. Most homeowners notice issues during monsoon season since the moisture that accompanies a monsoon activates the colony.

Most termite problems can be addressed quickly, but in order to minimize property damage, you shouldn’t attempt to treat an infestation on your own. If you see any signs of termites, call a qualified Phoenix pest control expert as soon as possible.