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3 Ways Mice In Your Home Can Cause Health Risks In Phoenix, AZ

August 02, 2022

Many people find mice to be cute, though their sudden appearance darting across a room can be quite startling. However, mice aren’t the harmless little creatures that are portrayed as in cartoons. Mice pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of the people living in the home. Here are just a few ways that mice can harm those living in the same space.

1. Disease Transmission

A mouse can carry a variety of diseases that humans can also contract. Hantavirus is one of the most serious, it is a lung infection caused by inhaling particles from rodent droppings. In most years, there are at least a few confirmed cases of hantavirus in Arizona. The Black Death was spread by flea bites that carried plague bacteria from rodents to humans. Modern sanitation and medicines make another epidemic unlikely. However, isolated cases of plague do still occur each year, even in the United States.

2. Allergies

Mice dander, and the dust that they create building nests and chewing through home structures, can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions in many people. Though mice are small, they travel quickly throughout a home leaving a trail of potential allergens in different rooms and on different surfaces. The holes that mice make can also allow outside allergens into the home.

3. Other Concerns

Dogs and cats who catch and eat mice can contract illnesses from a sick mouse. This can result in some high veterinarian bills and may even result in the pet’s death. In some cases, the pet can then transmit the disease to their owners. Though it is extremely rare, mice can bite people when they sleep. Generally, this occurs to a sleeping child who has some food debris around their mouth.

The warm weather in the Phoenix area makes it ideal for rodent reproduction. A few mice in a home can quickly become dozens. ACTION Termite & Pest Control has years of experience in rodent control services in Phoenix, AZ. For professional service, call today in the Phoenix area at (602) 899-2222 or in the Gilbert area at (480)945-7378.