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3 Ways To Deal With Bed Bugs In Phoenix, AZ

January 31, 2022

Until recent decades, bed bugs in Phoenix, AZ, were more of a joke than a concern. However, bed bugs have seen a resurgence in the United States. These little bugs can spread quickly, catching a ride on coats, in luggage, and even on paper. Arizona’s warm weather also makes it easier for bed bugs to move from one location to another. If a person finds bed bugs in his or her home, ACTION needs to be taken to eliminate the bugs.

1. Clean Mattresses

Mattresses are one of the most common hiding places for bed bugs in Phoenix. Mattresses provide a lot of easy hiding places that are close to their favorite food: human blood. The best way to deal with bed bugs in a mattress is to discard the mattress. However, if this is not possible, the mattress should be treated with heat for a few hours, such as placing it in the sun. After treating it with heat, the mattress must be placed in a zippered mattress cover that prevents any living bed bugs from escaping. Pet beds should also be treated or discarded.

2. Washing Clothes

Anything made of fabric can provide a home for bed bugs, particularly clothing. Clothing and linens should be washed with a full measure of detergent and in the hottest water possible. Once clean, the clothes should be stored in a sealed container until the bugs have been removed from the home. Curtains and rugs also need to be discarded or laundered in hot water.

3. Professional Treatment

Though mattresses and clothing can be dealt with at home, there are many other areas that are difficult for homeowners to treat. Carpeting, furniture, and walls are areas where professional treatment is needed. ACTION Termite and Pest Control have the training and experience necessary to help homeowners rid their homes of bed bugs. If your Phoenix area home needs effective treatment for bed bugs or other pests, give us a call today.