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4 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Phoenix Home

April 19, 2021

All types of pests infest homes throughout Arizona, to the dismay of the household. It’s the many Phoenix household pests, including crickets, spiders, scorpions, termites, ants, and roaches, yet many people wonder why pests choose their home. If you’d instead not share your home space with insects and pests, the following tips reduce the odds of getting pests inside your home.

1. Keep it Clean

Good sanitation is the number one tip to keep pests out of your home. A clean home is a comfortable home, one the entire family can enjoy. Although daily deep cleaning isn’t required, make sure you do pick up daily and that each family member cleans up their messes. Some chores, such as dishes, should be done each day to prevent sink pileup, which is a factor that can attract cockroaches and other pests.

2. Kitchen Matters

The most important room in the entire home is the kitchen. Ensure that you pay extra attention to this room to keep the home free from pests. Pests love the kitchen and will eat and destroy food. Don’t leave any food out overnight. Clean dishes in the sink and don’t allow them to pile up. Wipe down the range, countertops, and tables after each meal. Focus on a clean kitchen and keeping pests away is much simpler.

3. Floor Care 101

Many pests feed at night, often locating food right within their pathways! Don’t make life easy for all types of pests that could be attracted to your home! Clean floors nightly to remove any crumbs they can feed on. Mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in the main rooms of the house as the last chore on the list each night. Clean floors in less busy rooms every couple of days.

4. Don’t Allow Trash to Pile Up

Take out the trash each day, even if it is not full. Pests and insects are attracted to trash and will come to the home if it is not taken out regularly. Keep outside cans clean. Always keep a lid on all trash cans inside and outside of the home.

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