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How To Get Rid Of Termites

September 30, 2011

Termites are eusocial insects that feed on dead wood, vegetation, and human food. They belong to the infraorder Isoptera, the epifamily Termitoidae, and the order Blattodea. There are over four hundred species of termites, and all are considered harmful to humans. But what can you do about them?

Here Are Some Tips: Let’s Start With The Basics

First, you should know that termites can enter your home from the outside. They can get into your house through cracks, openings, and other holes in the structure. But you need to know the best way to eliminate them. Here are some tips that you should follow: avoid using pesticides in your home. Make sure you get rid of the sources that bring them in. For example, if you see mud tubes or a rat hole, these are likely termites.

Once you’ve identified the type of termites, you can take measures to prevent them from escaping. For small infestations, you can use heat to kill them. In larger areas, you can try to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the termites. You should also take precautions to prevent the operator from becoming burned or asphyxiated. This method will work for small areas, but you should be sure to follow the safety rules. If you are planning on using liquid nitrogen, make sure you have the right equipment and protective clothing.

Another tip is to find a licensed termite control company in Phoenix, like ACTION Termite & Pest Control. There are plenty of good companies in the United States, and many of them are state-licensed. For more information, you can contact your state pesticide regulator. To hire a termite control company, follow the advice of the Citizen’s Guide to Pest Control & Safety. This guide will help you choose the right Phoenix pest control company. You’ll be glad you did.

If you are in the Arizona and Phoenix, AZ metro area and need help with termites, contact our team with ACTION Termite & Pest Control for help.