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Seeing Spiders And Scorpions In Your Scottsdale Home?

August 05, 2022

Many species of spiders and scorpions call Scottsdale home. Dangerous to the home, more concerning is the risks the two pests cause humans. Both pests attack with potent venom that can cause a range of symptoms and problems, including death. Learn the scorpions and spiders native to the area and schedule your home pest control service before they infest your home.

Scorpion Spider: The name indicates a nasty, mean spider and it’s not wrong. The Scorpion spider is fast and has a mean bite. Measuring up to 1 ¾”, this spider has powerful pinchers that threaten rodents. Luckily, it doesn’t threaten humans or pets and isn’t venomous.

Black Widow Spiders: A red hourglass on the back identifies the Black Widow spider, one of the meanest of all spider species, at least by popular belief. The Black Widow is not aggressive unless threatened. Its bite is not fatal but causes uncomfortable symptoms like chills, fever, trouble breathing, and nausea. Even still, waking up and seeing a Black Widow spider inside your home is the last experience any family wants. Pest control service reduces the odds.

Bark Scorpions: Light tan in color, the bark scorpion measures up to 3” in diameter. This scorpion is the most common type in Scottsdale. You may see this scorpion run across the floor or even hanging from the ceiling fan. The venom from a bark scorpion is very potent and causes the victim numbness, difficulty breathing, swelling, and irregular heartbeat.

Scorpions and spiders enjoy Scottsdale’s great warm weather and dessert-like environment. Even more, they love the comfort and convenience found inside your home. Keep them away from your property with the help of a professional Phoenix pest control service like ACTION Termite & Pest Control. A variety of options for homeowners to help ensure scorpions and spiders don’t make their home their own.