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Suspect A Problem With Bed Bugs?

March 15, 2017

All across America, bed bug infestations have caused frustration and fear in the hearts of millions of people for several years now. Treating bed bugs is not easy. They hide very well and do not respond to normal pesticides. Their bite also causes dismay for many victims who feel the effects of the toxin that the bed bug injects while it enjoys a blood meal. These effects include intense itching and swelling.

Professional bed bug exterminators like our experts at ACTION Termite & Pest control can diagnose a bed bug infestation and treat it using pesticides proven to eliminate the pest. Their treatments work faster than anything sold at the local home improvement store. These products often provide less than efficient results, adding to the frustration experienced during a bed bug infestation.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation Include:

  • Cluster bites; can be anywhere on the body, but primarily on hands and feet
  • Bed bug fecal matter on sheets or mattress
  • Spotting the pest, which many say resembles a tick
  • Large welts left behind from the bite
  • Extreme itching
  • Bites at night while you sleep

Although some people identify bed bug infestations with dirtiness, the pest comes into homes from luggage, clothing, and other objects outside the home in many cases. Bed bugs can affect anyone, at any time. While you can take precautions to protect yourself, there is no 100% foolproof method to keep the home bed bug free.

Bed bugs tend to sleep in headboards and bedframes, but a serious enough infestation may cause the pest to wander elsewhere, like behind wall outlets or on the sofa. The sooner Phoenix pest control professionals respond to the problem, the quicker and easier treating a bed bug infestation becomes.