The Different Forms of Termite Treatment

June 25, 2021

The Different Forms of Termite Treatment

June 25, 2021

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When considering termite treatment in Phoenix Arizona, you have many options. The most effective termite treatments address infestations in the immediate geographical location of the property. Unlike other termite treatments, full-termite treatment involves treating not just the inside of a house foundation, but also the soil surrounding the house, around the outside walls and more. Effective treatments will totally eradicate your property of termites, keep them away from your house, and from coming back. While it is true that the long-term solution to termite problems is to prevent an infestation, that solution cannot be implemented until the current infestation has been eradicated. That is why prevention is often more effective termite control.

In the immediate Phoenix area, where many of the city’s residents live, there are a number of different termite treatment options. One of the most popular choices for homeowners who live in the Phoenix and Tempe areas of Arizona is to utilize drywood termites baits. These baits, which imitate the sound of termites burrowing and can be strategically placed throughout the lawn, can deter termites from coming near or creating damage in a home. Drywood termites do not actually eat wood, but they do suck out the nutrients from the underlying soil, which eventually leads to the secondary damage from wood-destroying organisms.

Many people also choose to utilize liquid termiticides. This form of Termite Treatment comes in both spray and liquid forms and is usually more effective when used in the early stages of an infestation. Most liquid termiticides do not have any lingering residual pesticides, as the product works quickly once it is applied. If you choose to use liquid termiticides, it is important that you follow all of the label directions and precautions so that you will ensure the least amount of danger to you and your family.

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