Getting Rid Of Termites Can Be Difficult

November 8, 2013

Getting Rid Of Termites Can Be Difficult

November 8, 2013

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Termites are tiny little insects that can cause serious destruction to homes and businesses. Termites live in colonies, each of which can house millions of individual insects that all work together to provide food, water and shelter to the entire colony. When a colony grows too large, reproductive termites called “swarmers” will leave the nest to find other sites to form new colonies. It is possible, therefore, to have more than one colony of termites on your property. In fact, a single acre of land can support up to twelve termite colonies. As you can imagine, getting rid of termites can be extremely difficult and typically requires the help of a professional who specializes in exterminating termites in your home and getting rid of the colonies burrowed deep in the ground outside your home.

Why Call A Specialist?

There are a lot of pest control companies offering some type of termite control service to homeowners in Phoenix. However, these companies may not use the most up-to-date tools, technology and products designed specifically for getting rid of termites. That is where ACTION Termite Control sets itself apart from the competition. We have been specializing in the treatment and control of termites since 1969. When you hire ACTION Termite Control, you can be sure our termite control specialists have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to effectively rid your home of these destructive pests.

The Right Products 

When it comes to getting rid of termites, using the right products is the key to success. At ACTION Termite Control, we use the most effective termite control producs on the market today, including Fuse®. For the absolute best termite control service in Phoenix, call (877) 556-4131 now to receive a FREE termite inspection from the specialists at ACTION Termite Control.

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