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Guaranteed Pest Control In Glendale, AZ

Glendale is a safe and friendly place to live, making it a key target for families and retirees. The city is sprawling and encompasses a broad span of geography that includes Thunderbird Conservation Park while also touching White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Glendale is also home to museums, ranches, golf courses, and restaurants of every flavor while providing direct access to Phoenix. However, part of living in the city and dealing with its hot weather means pests become an issue. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we are the name you turn to whether you're looking to eliminate pests in Glendale or prevent them. We've provided trusted Maricopa County pest control since 1969 to countless homes and businesses. Integrity, teamwork, and the ability to deliver results are our guides, and we always use the safest products on the market. For more information on our pest control services, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Glendale

Keeping your Glendale home free from pests is an important step in securing your safety. However, the average person has neither the knowledge nor proper tools to address these sorts of dilemmas. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we can help. We've been working with homeowners since 1969 and continue to deliver effective and reliable pest control services to this day. We offer a comprehensive list of treatments to ensure that you live without the constant threat of a pest problem. Because we act with honesty and integrity, we will always try to see the situation from your perspective and treat your house as we would our own. From the products that we use to the methods we follow, we always put your needs first.

To learn more about our residential pest control solutions and how they can protect your home, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Glendale

At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we help Glendale businesses access the pest control services needed to operate without interruption. All our service team members are licensed and receive ongoing educational support in our quest to exceed your expectations. With our generalized services, each service that we provide uses top-shelf products and proven methods to address over 50 common pests, but we also treat termites, pigeons, termites, rodents, and bed bugs with our targeted solutions. When we visit your property, we always perform comprehensive inspections to monitor the results of our services and look for new activity and potential issues, the result of which is coverage you can trust.

For more information on our commercial pest control services and how they can keep your property pest-free, please call us today.

Glendale Property Owner's Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

Each year termites are responsible for 30 billion dollars in termite damage and prevention costs across the U.S. To keep these issues under control, Glendale property owners can try the following tips:

  • Proactively search for water issues and rectify any that appear. They can include internal pipes and plumbing troubles, spigots, downspouts, and roofs. It's also important to limit humidity indoors by using dehumidifiers. 
  • Maintain a tidy yard free of excess brush and mulch, and store firewood in a contained fashion. 
  • Keep all wooden structures in good condition by renewing their paint or varnish. 
  • Work with a pest control company for active monitoring and termite prevention, as well as the removal of any active termites.

At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we provide unparalleled termite control services. We perform perimeter treatments, full drill treatments, and bait station implementations in order to create customized termite services that work. For more information on these services, please call us today.

How To Protect Your Glendale Yard From Dangerous Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes thrive in Glendale primarily between early spring and the middle of fall, when they're on the search for human blood. Females bite you because they require your blood in order to reproduce, and deterring them involves a lot of diligence while also being impossible to guarantee. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we offer the mosquito control services you need to avoid the mosquitoes that are the source of the West Nile virus and other health risks. We always begin this service by inspecting your yard to understand where mosquitoes are breeding and if any additional factors are attracting them. From there, we use a combination of backpack fogging and setting mosquito traps for lasting results. The fogging service quickly eliminates active mosquitoes while the trap system works between visits. We also apply an insect growth regulator to areas of standing water to further eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes. Contact us today for more information on keeping mosquitoes out of your Glendale yard.