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What are ants?

Ants are small insects that live in colonies consisting of complex social orders. They belong to the family of Formicidae under the order of Hymenoptera, and there is a large amount of diversity among ant species. There are several different types of ants that you should watch out for as they are well-known as nuisance pests on area properties. Commonly seen ant species around human structures include Argentine ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants.

Are ants dangerous?

Though most individuals think of ants as nuisance pests, these insects can actually be quite dangerous. Ants often walk through unhygienic areas outdoors and can track bacteria into your property and onto stored food, increasing the chances of salmonella or other illnesses.

Additionally, all ants can bite humans. Fire ants are the most dangerous culprits, and their bites can be quite painful, but all ant species can trigger allergic reactions or leave behind itchy, uncomfortable bites.

Certain ant species may also invade the wooden structures in your home, tunneling away to create colonies and leaving behind major damage. Other species of ants prefer electrical or utilities and will form their colonies in these warm spaces, which often results in costly damage.

In order to avoid all of the dangers ants can cause, ant control for your property is a must.

Why do I have an ant problem?

If you have an ant problem, the chances are your property has many factors that ants love to be around. Easy access to food, water, and shelter can attract ants and leave you dealing with widespread infestations. Effective ant control on your property includes identifying and limiting the factors that may be attracting ants.

Where will I find ants?

Around your property, you can find ants hiding in long grass or underneath yard debris and creating their colonies underground. Ant mounds are a major sign that these pests have moved onto your property. In the interior areas of your property, you are most likely to see ants near kitchens, food storage areas, and bathrooms.

How do I get rid of ants?

Ant pest control is the best thing to get rid of ants, and ACTION Termite & Pest Control is just the company you need. Our team will provide you with ant control solutions that are both effective and reliable, eliminating any infestation of ants you may be struggling with on your property.

How can I prevent ants in the future?

The following ant prevention tips can help stop infestations of ants from taking over your property.

  • Seal cracks around windows and doors to keep ants out and use sturdy window and door screens and weatherstripping.
  • Store all leftover food properly, never leave out dirty dishes or food, and clean up drink spills immediately, as these factors attract hungry ants.
  • Seal trash bags tightly and dispose of waste promptly to prevent ants from scavenging. 
  • Keep outdoor areas clear of long grass, debris, and clutter to reduce ant harborage areas and make potential nests easier to see.

For more help with home pest control or preventing invasions of this pest on your property, contact ACTION Termite & Pest Control today.