Post-Monsoon Season Termite Inspections in Arizona

October 18, 2019

Post-Monsoon Season Termite Inspections in Arizona

October 18, 2019

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Termites can live in nearly any environment, except extreme cold. You might think that states like Arizona that have desert climates wouldn’t have a termite problem, but you’d be wrong. Right after the monsoon rains are the perfect time to start checking for termites. An adult female termite can lay as many as 30,000 eggs, so you can see how quickly a colony can grow.

The monsoon season wraps up around October and that is when homeowners start looking to have their yearly inspections. This is the busiest time for most pest control companies in Arizona because the rains have stopped and things are beginning to dry out making a technician’s job easier in locating the presence of a termite colony in the cracks surrounding the home’s foundation.

What You Can Do to Prevent Termite Infestations

Termites eat wood and can easily weaken the structure of your home. They live and thrive in damp conditions. The best way to combat these pests is to discourage them from taking up residence in your home. Here are a few ways Arizona residents can deter termites:

● Position rain gutter downspouts away from the foundation
● Check for pipe leaks and fix leaky outdoor faucets
● Avoid using wood trellises near the outside walls and mulch in garden beds

● If you have a wood-burning fireplace, keep your winter wood supply in a shed away from the house or stacked on a surface off of the ground

● Get rid of dead trees, broken branches, and stumps
● Schedule a yearly termite inspection
● If you find termites, get prompt termite treatment to deal with them before they do any damage

The best treatment for termites in the Phoenix-Metro area is prevention. You can make your home less termite-friendly to keep these insects from destroying your home and property. There are Over 5,000 species of termites and they cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to property including houses, barns, trees, and fences.

Call and schedule a termite inspection to ensure your home is safe from these wood-munching pests.

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