Top 4 Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid to Keep Termites Away

April 9, 2020

Top 4 Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid to Keep Termites Away

April 9, 2020

Springtime has finally arrived. While that means nicer weather for you, it also means more potential for a termite infestation. Yikes! That’s not something you want to worry about during these warmer months. Unfortunately, you might be doing a few things right now that increase the likelihood of having a problem with these pests. Let’s take a look at a few mistakes all homeowners should avoid in order to keep termites away this season.

1. Assuming you won’t have that problem

It’s common for homeowners to assume that they won’t have to deal with pest infestations. Even if other homes in the Phoenix, AZ are experiencing a termite problem, many people make the mistake of thinking they’re immune for some reason. This will only lead to homeowners ignoring signs that there’s a potential problem or even doing things that encourage termites to arrive.

2. Making your home inviting to termites

If you’re not actively thinking about preventing termites, you might be making the costly mistake of creating an environment that’s inviting to termites. Leaving wood debris such as firewood, trees, stumps, and even some excess mulch near your house could increase your chances of having an infestation. Now that termite season is just around the corner, you should be actively thinking about ways to keep these pests at bay.

3. Trusting a DIY strategy

Although it is possible to keep your home free of pest infestations through some DIY methods, it’s not the ideal solution. Termite control professionals have valuable experience, tested strategies, and the right equipment for effectively getting rid of infestations and preventing any from coming back in the future. Relying on the methods you read about online could not only prove to be ineffective, but they might also cause more problems.

4. Messing up a termite removal treatment

When hiring a termite removal specialist, it’s important to follow their instructions to keep from disrupting one of their treatments. Homeowners who are careless in this area could end up undoing all of the progress being made by these professionals. Be sure to heed all of their instructions after treatment is completed.

If you need help getting rid of termites in the Phoenix, AZ metro area call our termite control professionals for help.

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