What’s Involved in Termite Control?

August 26, 2022

Termite Treatment

What’s Involved in Termite Control?

August 26, 2022

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When you’re ready to hire a professional to apply Termite Control to your home, you should understand what’s involved. Termites can be difficult to eradicate, but there are several methods that you can try. These include Baiting stations, Termidor foam, and Spot treatments.

Baiting stations

Baiting stations are an effective way to control termites in your home. Unlike traps that can attract pests, these stations are designed to stay on the property. They work by attracting the termites to the wood inside them. These wood pieces are then replaced with a slow-acting insecticide.

Baiting stations can be installed in many locations, including at the perimeter of a home. They should be placed 2-4 feet away from the foundation of the home. If possible, they should be installed in areas where termites have been active, such as woodpiles, tree stumps, and moist areas. Baiting stations take time to be effective, so it is recommended that you place them during spring and fall.

Termidor Foam

The foam-based termiticide Termidor Foam is an effective treatment for eradicating wood-destroying termite colonies. It works on contact and by digestion to kill termites and eliminate their entire colony. The foam can be applied directly to infested areas to protect wooden timbers and walls. Its slow-acting formula kills termites and their larvae, leaving your house termite-free for weeks.

Termidor Foam is approved for use in a variety of structures, including residential homes and commercial structures. It can also be applied to wood elements such as siding, mud tubes, decks, fences, and bridges. It can also be used to treat subterranean termite colonies.

Termite baits

Termite baits are an excellent way to control termites without the hassle and expense of liquid treatments. They are not directly connected to the structure, so they are ideal for properties that can’t be accessed. Termite baits are also useful for buildings that are located in difficult-to-treat areas, like inaccessible crawl spaces. They are small, cylindrical tubes that are buried in the soil and are locked with a lockable lid.

Termite baits can kill a large percentage of a termite colony. Unlike liquids, baits are non-repellent and aren’t easily detected by termites. Using them requires a professional with experience and a good track record in termite control.

Spot treatments

The effectiveness of spot treatments for termite control depends on visual evidence and accessibility. While termiticides can be injected into termite galleries, it is difficult to guarantee that all termites will come into contact with the treatment. Additionally, spot treatments are expensive and will not eliminate all termites in a home.

However, if the termite problem is localized and easily accessible, spot treatments may be a good option. The key to successful termite spot treatments is the use of a termiticide that is specifically formulated for this use.

Non-repellent insecticides

Non-repellent insecticides are becoming a popular choice for termite control. They work by depriving termites of their preferred entrance point and reduce their ability to carry pesticides back to their nest. A licensed pest control professional can determine the optimal time frame for non-repellent treatments.

Non-repellent insecticides are highly effective for termite control and are safer for the environment than their repellent counterparts. Non-repellent insecticides such as Termidor SC (Fipronil 9.1%), Prelude Termiticide / Insecticide (Chlorfenapyr), and Bifen are all registered to kill termites. These products have a slow-acting effect and are generally considered safe.

If you need help with termite control contact ACTION Termite & Pest Control for help and a termite inspection.

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