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When Is Bed Bug Season For Phoenix?

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Many people move to Phoenix for our warm climate coupled with low humidity. The toasty air in our city allows us to enjoy outdoor activities year-round; hiking, mountain biking, and picnics with friends and family. The health benefits of living in a hot, dry climate are receiving a high concentration of vitamin D from sunshine and helping keep rheumatoid arthritis under control. There are many benefits to living in Phoenix, but bed bugs are a downside to our climate. These insects can quickly turn living in paradise into a battle between you and the bugs. 

If you wake up with red bites on your body that were not there the day before, you need the best pest control in Phoenix from ACTION Termite & Pest Control. Our family-owned and operated company has taken action against termites, bed bugs, and other pests for over 50 years. When we arrive at a house, we immediately take action against bed bugs to eradicate them so you can rest at night. 

At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we value continuing education, and we want to share our knowledge with our community in this article to help you win the war against bed bugs. 

When Are Bed Bugs Most Active Around Phoenix?

Bed bugs are active in Phoenix throughout the year due to our warm, dry climate; however, peak activity for these pests is in the spring and summer for a few reasons. First, the warmer spring and summer air animates bed bugs to breed at higher rates. Temperature affects the number of eggs a female bed bug produces; the optimal temperature range for egg production is between 70℉ and 90℉ if a host is present. When the temperature is more than 70℉ and less than 90℉, the bed bug population can double every 16 days. When the temperature is in this range, 60% of the eggs hatch within six days, and more than 90% will hatch in nine days. Egg production decreases, and hatching slows if the temperature falls below 70℉.

The increase in tourism causes bed bug activity to elevate in the spring and summer. Bed bugs are hitchhikers who ride into hotels, motels, and other public venues on clothing and luggage from tourists and other occupants. Due to our proximity to the Grand Canyon, Sedona Canyon, salt river, and the desert, many guests stay in Phoenix as they visit these attractions, unwittingly bringing bed bugs with them. 

Of course, we like to travel too during the summer and see sights throughout our great country. When Phoenix residents travel, they too may pick up bed bugs and bring them to their houses. The warmer air, the influx of visitors, and the returning vacationers create a heyday for bed bugs during the spring and summer. 

When bed bugs enter a home, they search for a host for their blood meals. To avoid being eradicated by the host, bed bugs wait until their food source is asleep before they venture from a nearby crack or crevice to climb onto the host to feed. Because most hosts sleep during the night, bed bugs typically feed between midnight and 5 am. The height of bed bug activity is at night during the spring and summer. 

Whether it is the climax of bed bug season or at a low point, ACTION Termite & Pest Control provides bed bug pest control in Phoenix. 

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs During Bed Bug Season

Each time a female bed bug feeds, it produces up to 20 eggs; throughout its lifetime, it will deliver around 113 offspring. You do not want bed bugs in your Phoenix house, so to keep bed bugs away, we recommend these bed bug control techniques for your home:

  • Inspect used furniture: When purchasing used furnishings, ask the seller if they have had bed bugs, and if they answer in the affirmative, do not purchase the item. Even if the seller claims no bed bugs, you should examine the item before bringing it into your house. When investigating the furniture, use a magnifying glass to review all cracks between the joints and where upholstery meets the wood or metal. Inspect all folds in the upholstery. 
  • Investigate your hotel room: When you enter your hotel room, pay attention to the air quality. If the room smells musty, bed bugs may be present. Check behind the headboard, picture frames, mattress seams, and upholstery in the room for signs of bed bugs; reddish-brown fecal stains, cream-colored eggs, discarded pale-white skins, or mahogany or red-brown bed bugs. 
  • Inspect luggage and clothing after travel: Bed bugs transfer from host to host in public locations and on public transportation. When you return from traveling, inspect the folds of clothing, luggage, shoes, and bags for bed bugs.
  • Wash all clothing after travel: Do not unpack your clothing in your room, but immediately wash and dry it at the highest temperature the clothing can withstand. If you cannot clean some garments in a washing machine, place them in a sealed bag and store them in a freezer for a month or have them dry cleaned. You should wash all clothing in your suitcase, including garments you have not worn or cleaned previously. 
  • Steam clean luggage: Bed bugs cannot withstand heat over 130℉. After unpacking your clothing and placing them in the washer, use a hand-held steam cleaner to clean your luggage and remove any bed bugs or eggs. 
  • Reduce the clutter in the house: Bed bugs hide for days while they ingest their blood meal; by eliminating clothing piles, stacks of old magazines, unused boxes, and other unnecessary items, you limit hiding spots and discourage them from staying. 
  • Vacuum the house regularly: When you clean the house frequently, you will remove any bed bugs that managed to hitchhike into your Phoenix home. Sweep not only the floors, but use a wand attachment to suction cracks between the baseboard and walls, in corners, and other crevices in the house. 
  • Regularly wash bed linens: Bed bugs hide in mattress seams and behind headboards. By cleaning your bed sheets, blankets, and bedspreads in hot water and drying them for at least 30 minutes in the highest heat they can tolerate, you will eradicate any bed bugs in the material. 

One of many reasons ACTION Termite & Pest Control provides the best bed bug pest control near you is our K-9 bed bug detection dogs. Certified by the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO), our elite dogs detect if bed bugs are present in your Phoenix home. 

All The Ways Bed Bugs Sneak Their Way Into Our Homes

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers that latch onto clothing, shoes, luggage, handbags, furniture, papers, magazines, old electronics, and books. Bed bugs do not fly but crawl into items or onto unsuspecting people when sleeping or seated.

Upon returning from traveling on public transportation or a vacation, or before bringing furniture or used electronics into your home, thoroughly inspect and clean the items to avoid bed bugs in your Phoenix home. 

If bed bugs sneak into your house, you can count on ACTION Termite & Pest Control to provide professional bed bug treatments to eradicate the pests from your home. 

How Professional Bed Bug Control Keeps Them Away

It is nearly impossible for homeowners to eliminate bed bugs because they rapidly reproduce, can detect and avoid odors from DIY treatments, and are challenging to eradicate. When our service professionals inspect your home, they will investigate for signs of bed bugs to determine bed bug hot spots. If they confirm bed bugs are the issue, they will work with you to prepare the home to eradicate the pests using heat.

High heat is the most effective and safest way to eliminate bed bugs because it penetrates all areas of the house and clothing. However, not all high-heat options offered by pest control companies are equal. Instead of flooding your home with heat, our service team members use a premier heat technology that targets bed bugs, the TEMP-AIR system. We will prepare your home to maximize heat penetration and ensure bed beg destruction. If additional treatment is necessary, we use pet and child-safe eco-friendly treatments that bed bugs cannot detect. 

According to the National Pest Management Association, pest control professionals agree that bed bugs are one of the most troublesome pests to eliminate in homes. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we understand how problematic beg bug removal can be, so not only do we use advanced heat technology and other treatments (if necessary), but we follow up. We want our clients to go to bed at night knowing that bed bugs will not be feasting on them while they sleep. 

It is easy to understand why ACTION Termite & Pest Control provides premier bed bugs control services in Phoenix. We have decades of pest control experience, advanced equipment, and a K-9 detection team to eliminate bed bugs from your Phoenix home. Take ACTION now! Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.