Pest Control for Hotels and Resorts

March 24, 2023

Multi-Unit Housing Pest Control

Pest Control for Hotels and Resorts

March 24, 2023

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Hotel and Resort guests expect a secure, comfortable, pest-free environment to rest and unwind in. Any pest sighting that disrupts this can only be detrimental to the business’ reputation and bottom line.

Hoteliers are vulnerable to a wide range of pests, from ants and cockroaches to rodents and termites. Even one sighting can damage a hotel’s reputation and lead to serious issues with health compliance regulations.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a well-known pest that can ruin hotel reputations and put guests’ health at risk. Their bites cause rashes, allergic reactions and permanent scarring.

A proactive hotel or resort will take steps to eliminate bed bug infestations and prevent future ones. They’ll partner with a pest control company that provides proactive solutions that prevent infestations before they start, minimizing both the negative impact of an outbreak and its associated costs.

Hotel staff should regularly inspect guest rooms for bed bug signs, such as small blood stains that appear as reddish or rust-colored spots on sheets or pillowcases. Additionally, they should inspect the seams of mattresses and mattress encasements for evidence of bed bug feces, shed skins or active bugs.


Rodents, mammals in the order Rodentia, are one of the largest and most widespread groups on Earth. They live in a variety of habitats and can be found worldwide except Antarctica.

These creatures are warm-blooded, milk-producing four-legged mammals with shared sets of teeth designed for efficient chewing and gnawing. This order includes common household pests like mice, rats and squirrels as well as some interesting creatures like beavers, prairie dogs and chipmunks.

They are notorious for spreading infectious diseases, depleting crops and destroying natural vegetation. Humans usually don’t welcome them, and so methods like trapping and poisoning are employed to control their populations.


Pests can be a real issue for hotels and resorts. Not only do they disrupt operations, but pests may also cause irreparable reputational harm.

Guests expect all areas of a hotel to be immaculately clean. When bugs or other pests are detected, guests’ experience will be negatively impacted and they may share the bad news on social media platforms.

Cockroaches are an unfortunately common insect found in hotels and resorts, often inhabiting rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Flies are another common hotel bug and can cause health issues. They carry bacteria, viruses and fungi which may be hazardous for guests.

Insects can enter a hotel through holes in walls, windows, doors and cracks in the foundation. Repairing these gaps and cracks is an integral part of any pest control program for hotels.

Pest Prevention

Pest infestations in hotels and resorts can wreak havoc on guests’ experiences, prompting them to share their negative feedback on social media – potentially damaging your hotel’s reputation and impacting business operations. That is why it is so important for lodging establishments to implement a pest prevention and control program.

Bed bugs are a commonly encountered pest in hotels and resorts, causing significant discomfort and disrupting guests’ quality of sleep. Therefore, it is essential to detect and eliminate them promptly.

Flies are a major problem in many hospitality properties. These pests can contaminate food and spread pathogens, posing health risks to guests.

Hotels must regularly clean up trash and avoid standing water that attracts insects, while kitchen areas should also be thoroughly scrubbed and food waste stored in sanitary containers to reduce fly infestation.

If you need pest control for your hotel or resort in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or surrounding area contact ACTION Termite & Pest Control for help.

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