Why Pigeons are a Problem for Your Home in Phoenix Arizona

February 22, 2019

Why Pigeons are a Problem for Your Home in Phoenix Arizona

February 22, 2019

The problem that a lot of homes in Arizona have are pigeons. Pigeons may not seem like much of an issue, especially when you consider how nice it is to feed them, but they can be incredibly invasive and cause a lot of damage to your house. The issue that comes with having a pigeon infestation is that they often use your attic space as their home. They will typically rip through insulation to make nests for their young and be loud and intrusive while staying there. There are many ways to tell if you have a pigeon problem in your Arizona home and checking for this issue is easier than you might think.

One way to tell if you have a pigeon problem is to physically see them. You may see them coming in and out of different openings to the house, especially in the attic area and any vents that are present there. Another way to tell if you have pigeons is to hear them when you’re on the top floor of the house. Pigeons coo a lot and you will often hear this noise when trying to sit and relax at night. You may also hear a lot of scratching and commotion up in the attic area if they are up there and making nests. If you are noticing that you have a problem, you need to call in the pest control professionals right away.

The reason pest control experts are needed is because it can be downright impossible to remove pigeons on your own, especially in the Arizona heat. They may be in such a small area that only an expert is able to get in there and physically remove them. Part of keeping pigeons away from the home and out of the attic is preventing them from coming back. This includes removing any eggs, nests, sources of food and holes that are present for them to get in and out of the attic area. The pest control company will be able to do all of this for you, fully preventing the pigeons from returning to where they want to nest.

Because there are many people who have pigeon infestations in Phoenix AZ, the sooner you get rid of the problem the better off you are going to be. This is due to the fact that it prevents the pigeons from completely getting used to living in your home and establishing a nest.

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